How to know that My Whatsapp is hacked?

Whatsapp Hacked?

Whatsapp is the widely used social messenger application. There are lot of advantages of Whatsapp but on the same time, there is always risk of hacking and stealing of your useful, secret and personal information. Surely it is very dangerous for all of us. 
So, question arises;

  • How we know? My Whatsapp is hacked and any one is stealing your information, chats, photos and videos.
  • How can we protect our Whatsapp account from hacking?

How to know my Whatsapp hacked?

Follow the steps to know either Whatsapp account hacked or not?
  • Open Whatsapp in your smartphone.
  • Go to 3 dots on top right corner and click it.
  • Select Whatsapp web.
  • Here, one of two options can exist; (a) Camera opens (b) Log out from all devices. 

Camera Open
Stealing Your Information

  • If camera opens then You are safe from hacking & if camera does not open then anyone is stealing your information and data.
  • As you see the message “Log out from all devices”, Click it and protect your Whatsapp account and further stealing of your data.


How to protect Whatsapp account from hacking?

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