HEC Latest update wth COVID-19


Higher Education Update about Education institute opening With COVID-19

Here are some points regarding the Paper assessment of the Higher Education Commission. Due to Corona virus continues spreading in Country HEC is making all efforts to save student and secure their careers. Pakistan is n lockdown position since March 20202. Most of the educational institutes are close due to COVID-19. Government along with educational institute making efforts to keep students interactive with covid-19. Here is HEC update. 


As per latest update on July 15, if the situation gets normal, the examinations will be held in the traditional style as it happened before.


After overseeing the situation, if this is not possible, we will take the paper online.


Introduction of the method of objective questions, assignments, calls, Viva etc. on WhatsApp or online.


For students who live in remote areas, we will test the traditional style


Students appearing in Laboratory papers we will be taken later in coming months.


With live sessions usage of  Zoom, LMS, online assessment can also be done with the required format.


Students Promotion will not happen without exams. Degree will not be considered good.


Would be making Making a special policy for final year people keeping in mind their convenience and reaching to the institutions.


Whereas every university will develop a special procedure for new admissions while overseeing the current situation.


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