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Microsoft Word All Short Keys

Muhammad Ali

Ctrl + A= Select entire document
Ctrl + B=         Applies or removes bold formatting
Ctrl + C=    Copies selected text or graphics
Ctrl + D= Font Dialogue box or Duplicate Shapes/Pictures
Ctrl + E=         Center aligns a paragraph
Ctrl + F=         Opens the Navigation task pane. (to search in a document)
Ctrl + G= Goes to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, comment, graphic, or other location
Ctrl + H= Replaces text, specific formatting, and special items
Ctrl + I=         Applies or removes italic formatting
Ctrl + J=         Justified a paragraph
Ctrl + K= Inserts a hyperlink
Ctrl + L=         Left aligns a paragraph
Ctrl + M= Increase Left Indent
Ctrl + N= Creates a new document
Ctrl + O= Open Documents
Ctrl + P=         Print
Ctrl + Q= Remove Indent or Paragraph Formatting
Ctrl + R=         Right aligns a paragraph
Ctrl + S=         Save a Document
Ctrl + T=         Creates a hanging indent
Ctrl + U= Applies or removes underlining
Ctrl + V= Paste
Ctrl + W= Closes the active window
Ctrl + X= Cuts the selected text, graphics
Ctrl + Y= Redoes an action
Ctrl + Z=         Undoes an action

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