CSS criteria for selection 2020-2021

CSS criteria for selection 2020-2021

Most of the graduates always dream high even with their education at the startup. Getting straight away grade on higher ranks or jobs with good salary is always a dream. So with CSS you got opportunity to be in high ranks and with sufficient salary package as well. Below criteria for CSS selection has been defined and it will help you out to prepare for test. CSS criteria for selection 2020-2021.

CSS criteria for selection 2020-2021


CSS 2020-21 Nationality Criteria

In order to qualify for CSS test, candidate must be Pakistani nationality holder and if from Kashmir, should be a permanent resident of Azad Jammu and Kashmir state.

CSS educational criteria 

As far as your education is concerned you should be having bachelor degree at least, B.com, BBA, BA, BSCS. You should have at least 2nd division from any recognized university of Pakistan which being recognized by Higher education commission.

If you have 2nd division in bachelor degree, but have got first division in Master degree than you can still qualify and eligible to apply for the CSS.

CSS 2020-21 Age limit

Your age should not be more than 30 years and should not be less than 21 years to be eligible for the test.

age relaxation for css exam 

As per rules to only those candidates which are currently se4rving in government sector and have obtained permission certificate. This is provided to district of Peshawar and Baluchistan tribes only.

Regional Quota For Css 2020-21 Detail 

Merit for Punjab = 50 %.

3. Merit for Sindh = 19 %.
4. Merit for Sindh – (Urban) = 7.6 %.
5. Merit for Sindh – (Rural) = 11.4 %.
6. Merit for KPK = 11.5 %.
7. Merit for Baluchistan = 6 %.
8. Merit for GB/FATA = 4 %.
9. Merit for AJK = 2 %.


Important Notes

1. Out of all ten percent qouta is allocated for women for all provinces or region.
2. Whereas in women 5% quota is allocated for non-Muslims.
3. Specific quota not assigned for disabled persons.

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