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Fiverr tips to work and successful order

Fiverr tips to work and successful order

Taking orders on fiverr is always a challenge specially for the new starters. It always difficult for newbies to get things done in right direction if they follow some steps. Keeping in view of our vast experience, I have updated list of various important points below where you can things in right direction being a successful freelancer. Fiver freelancing.

Fiverr tips to work and successful order hi

Profile info must be complete.
Minimum seven skills to be added.
Maximize Tags.
Don’t edit gigs so often.
Use SEO title when creating your gigs.
Always ask for contact before any order.
Add your experience and relevant education.
Minimum five gigs to be created.
Packages on each gig to be turned on.
Explainer video to be used.
PDF to be used in portfolio.
Use category and sub category.
Make sure to write description in numbering and bullets.
Requirement section to be filled with what needed from clients.
Link to be shared on most social media network accounts for fiverr order.
Old gig with zero orders to be deleted and replaced with new one.
Keep active of Fiverr most of the time.
Never use two account on single device/connection.
Use PayPal or pioneer to withdraw you income.
Attach your real profile picture.
Try not to cancel your order, it will effect order compilation rate.
Always try for mutual cancelation.
Be careful with buyers and always loyal to them. Fiverr tips to work and successful order.





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