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WhatsApp New feature Added edits your message

WhatsApp New feature Added edits your message

As you Know that WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, will soon introduce a new feature that allows users to edit messages even after they have been sent. WhatsApp New feature Added edits your message.

WhatsApp New feature Added edits your message

Whereas previously Messages sent by users on WhatsApp can only be deleted, were not able to edit them. Now with the introduction of this amazing new feature, users will be able to edit messages after sending them.

Provide information regarding WhatsApp updates. As per the website WhatsApp Beta Info (WABetaInfo), WhatsApp has made some major changes to the way it sends messages and users will have authority. ‘

This was planned years ago when WhatsApp reportedly started working on the feature five years ago, but it was rejected shortly after it was reported on Twitter. Finally, after a gap of five years, WhatsApp has finally considered working on an edit feature for users.

Screenshot of the same was shared by Website WhatsApp Beta Info of the ‘Messages Edit Feature’ which is currently being developed. This new feature will give users the option to copy and forward messages as well as edit on the go. .

User will be able to plerform this action by by selecting the Edit button, can still correct typing errors after sending your message. The current setup only allows users to delete a message.

As this feature is being developed, it is not possible to determine when this feature will be ready for static update, but WhatsApp will soon release it. More beta users could roll out.

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