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Matric English Past paper Federal Board 2023

Matric English Past paper, Past paper Federal board English paper Matric

Past-Paper 10th Class Federal Board English Paper both Subjective. Federal Board English paper for your ease, please find below questions for your preparation. Matric English Past paper.

In this paper sections B and C comprise Pages 1-2. All the students will have to answer all the questions from Sections ‘B’ and ‘C’ on the separately provided answer book. Student can only use supplementary answer sheet i.e. Sheet-B if required. You can write your answers neatly and legibly.

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Q.2 Attempt any FIVE from the following parts in 30 to 40 words with referencing to the notebook. All parts are given equal marks 5*3= 15

How is Hazrat Muhammad SAW a perfect model for justice to whole mankind?
Why is there a need for proper career counseling department? For selecting career.
It’s a slow food in a world given over to fast food, explain this statement. A world without book.
How can be faithfulness be useful in reforming society?

Past paper Federal board English paper Matric English Past paper
Matric English Past paper

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