Best O Level Schools in Karachi Pakistan  Top 10 Schools in Karachi

Best O Level Schools in Karachi – Top 10 Schools in Karachi 

Education is the key to a successful career and you need to choose best institute for your child. Here we will list the best and top 10 schools in Karachi for O level so that you can find according to your location. Parents often want achieve this purpose, they seek the best educational institutions their city has to offer for their kids. As you know that the city of Karachi is a bustling metropolis, and it has blessings to have to good school for educations. Best O Level Schools in Karachi. Best O Level Schools in Karachi Pakistan  Top 10 Schools in Karachi




This city is key business hub of Pakistan and also considered the backbone of Pakistan and this big city has many well-known O-A level schools with quality education. You know that how much its important for your child to get good education early on for a good future. Top 10 schools in Karachi for o levels,

The need of O-A level education is increasing because institutions certificates are also preferable in the abroad if you are willing to go any other country. This will help you get quick admission as well. Below we have listed top O-A level schools and best affordable schools in Karachi.

  1. Beacon house School System
  2. Bay View Academy
  3. Karachi Grammar School
  4. The City School
  5. Mama Parsi Girls’ School
  6. Joseph’s Convent School
  7. Foundation Public School
  8. Falcon house Grammar School
  9. Habib Public School
  10. Karachi High School

We will now list the details of each school one by one for your information Best O Level Schools in Karachi.



School was founded in 1975 as Les Anges Montessori Academy to Beacon house school system. Beacon house school system is top rated school in Karachi now with branches in all over Pakistan and overseas including Belgium, Malaysia, and United Kingdome.

Location of the school branches in Karachi

Nazimabad: F-118, Block-F, Allama Rasheed Turabi Road

Gulshan Cambridge:  Cambridge section:  ST-5-I, Block-10, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Campus: ST-4/A, Scheme 36, Block-1, Gulistan-e-Jauhar

PECHS College Campus : A-35 P/1, Block 6, PECHS, Karachi

Karachi (Clifton Campus:  Frere Town , 2/3 McNeil Road , Clifton

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Campus: ST-4/A, Scheme 36, Block-1, Gulistan-e-Jauhar

Curriculum: O/A Level Education System


Facilities in campus:  library, sports area facility, auditorium, separate computer classrooms as well.


2. Bay View Academy

Bay view academy was established in the 19th century and now considered a leady top level school in Karachi. It provides excellent air conditioned environment to students.  It has good talented and qualified teachers and staff.


Clifton: D-86, Block 2, KDA Scheme No. 5, Clifton, Karachi

Telephone: (-21) 35822815, 3582-2816

Defence : SL-3, 12th Street Khayban-e-Shaheen, Phase 8 D.H.A. Karachi

Telephone: (+21) 35854083, 35854085


It is one of the oldest school (KGS) in Karachi since 1875 and it’s an English medium school with strength of approximately 2200 students enrolled each year. Best O Level Schools in Karachi.


Clifton:  Kindergarten and Junior section is in Block-5

Saddar: Empress Market, Saddar and the College section is in Block-5


Facilities in campus: Laboratories,  Library, sports lounge,  learning rooms, air-conditioned auditorium..

Contact: +21 35833582,  + 21 32253732 (Middle Section) +21 35821703



The city School Best O Level Schools in Karachi Pakistan  Top 10 Schools in Karachi
Pic by : The City School (


City School is on the largest private school network in the country and it was established in 1978. It is providing quality education and it’s a brand in education sector known for quality and its values. It is considered one of the best O level school in Karachi. Along with education students also encouraged in activities like jujitsu, karate, handball, Cricket, badminton, tennis as well.

Location: Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway, Falcon Complex



Its a Best O Level Schools in Karachi and is known for all girls education center and it runs in two shift in morning and in the evenings. It’s a four day school from Monday to Thursday with timings in morning for morning section and in the evening.

Location: M. A. Jinnah Road, Preedy Quarters Karachi

Curriculum: Matric/O Level Education System

Campus Facilities: Includes Labs, sport area, Library,

Contact: +21 32720224



It is also known as all girls schools and offer O Level and Matriculations system.  School provide education in hand to hand with parents and taking  them onboard which helps in building closer ties and better knowledge.

Location: Karachi Cantonment Board, Saddar Town

Curriculum: Matric/O Level Education System

Contact: 0 311 1226149

MDCAT Registration Dates Announcement by PMC


School started its journey with only 12 students in 1981 and now its most popular O Level school in Karachi. Foundation school have multiple campuses in almost all over the city with best alumni network and quality education along with digital education.

Campuses in Karachi

Location: Block 10 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, (O Level North Campus), D.H.A. Phase 8 Zone A Phase 8 Defence Housing Authority.

Curriculum:  O/A level Education System

Contact:  0342 2893306


This school is having the best qualified teaching staff and groom the young minds into good human being and transform with the modern world. School was established in 1861 and is one of the best school in Karachi Now.

Location: St. Patrick’s High School
Ahmed Munir S.J. Shaheed Road, Saadar, Karachi

Curriculum: Matric and O Level Education System

Contact: +21-32783360


Habib public school was established in 1959 by a Banker named Muhammad Ali Habib. He started the school with of providing quality education. School is known for discipline environment and same observed in school ground in sports.

Location: Habib Public School, Near PIDC Bridge, M.T. Khan Road

Curriculum:  Matric, Aga Khan Board and O level Education System

Contact: + 21 35681434



Best O Level Schools in Karachi Pakistan  Top 10 Schools in Karachi
Pic by Karachi high school

Karachi High school is best known for providing Cambridge international primary program as the same is mentioned on official website of the school. It is providing systemic O level education in Karachi to its students. Best O Level Schools in Karachi.

Location: 3 McIver Rd, behind Civil Lines Karachi Pakistan.

Curriculum: Matric and O Level Education System

Contact: + 21 35686339



Education sector of Pakistan is always providing best education with all available resources and tools in the country. Karachi is the key hub of Pakistan financial activities and playing a key role in economy. We have listed Best O Level Schools in Karachi for your ease. You can easily select your desired school within your location and reach. If you have any query you can post in our comment section and we will be glad to reply. Best O Level Schools in Karachi. 

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