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How to write a cover letter for a Job Position

How to write a cover letter for a Job Position

Cover letter is an important item on table for recruiters, when you apply for any position.  Here are some tips and tricks to write an engaging cover letter.


How to write a cover letter for a Job Position
How to write a cover letter for a Job Position




Contact information

Start your cover letter by providing your contact information to give a professional look like a name, contact number, a professional email, and your city. You can also add the link to your account on any online platform like Fiverr, LinkedIn, or Up Work where they can see your portfolio. How to write a cover letter.

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Recipient’s address

Here is the professional way of writing the recipient’s address.

Add the current date, after one space add the manager’s address (user name), then add the salutation after a space.

Here is an ideal example.


Hiring team manager

Xyz (company address)


Statement to hiring manager

While starting your cover letter, make sure to avoid the typical addresses like ‘’dear sir/madam, respected sir/madam, hi sir/madam, hi there, what’s up ’’.

Using their surname to greet them is preferred the most i.e, ”Dear John Steve”. And in case you can’t figure out their name or gender then you can compensate simply with ”Dear Hiring Manager”.

Engaging opening paragraph

Your opening paragraph has the most significance, if your opening paragraph is eye-catching, it will make the reader read further.

Try to make the opening paragraph engaging and more like a sales pitch that will urge the reader to read till the closing paragraph.

Write your closing paragraph

Write an appealing closing paragraph indicating to the reader that you are confident that you are eligible enough for the position. Professionally Thank the reader for taking time out to read your cover letter, i.e, waiting to hear a positive response soon).

Final Statement

Signing off statements also leaves an impact on the reader, so you should be mindful while writing them.

  • you can write ‘’thank you’’ instead of ‘’thanks’’.
  • Write ‘’best regards’’ instead of ‘’cheers’’.
  • You can use ‘’sincerely’’ for a professional look.
  • Use ‘’regards’’ instead of ‘’take care’’.

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