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How to earn Money from Tik Tok

How to earn Money from Tik Tok

Tik Talk is now providing amazing several partnership programs in this regard like Ad Revenue Sharing Program, Subscription Feature for Streamers, Virtual Gift Products and others social media marketing programs. How to earn Money from Tik Tok.

How to earn Money from Tik Tok


In this plan number of followers you have and videos for each program is different as compare to subcriber and watch time.


Creator fund for Tik Tok:

In this plan of creator fund for Tik Tok,  age required as the minimum for the user must be 18 years and the conditions includes as 10 thousand followers and also having the views on videos as one lakh video views during the last 30 days as required.

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Ad Revenue Sharing Program or Tik Tok Plus:

You should have Minimum age of 18 years in this program, also having 100,000 followers. You should a ateast 5 videos posted in the last 30 days which is mandatory.


Subscription Revenue from Tik Tok Live :

Tik Tok live subcriber  Revenue required 18 years of age and having at least 1000 followers are mandatory requirements for the program.


Achieving Virtual Gift in Live Stream :

Virtual gift in Live Stream you need to have minimum age of 18 years. Also needs to have 1000 followers as well.


Tik Tok Getting gifts on other videos:

You should have age of 18 years and also having 10 thousand followers.


Tips on Video:

To get started you are requires to be at 18 years of age and 100,000 followers as well.

Whereas Program for videos longer than one minute is eligible, program also requires a subs of 10,000 followers and 100,000 views on video pertaining in the last 30 days. Here it is important to note that, to join this program (called the Creativity Program) But it will not be possible to be a part of the Crater Fund. How to earn Money from Tik Tok.

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