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GMAT Syllabus, GMAT Exam Pattern PDF

GMAT Syllabus, GMAT Exam Pattern PDF Downloads

As we have discussed in this article a total of multiple sections on the GMAT exam. Before starting exam preparation, a candidate should become well-versed in the exam syllabus, just like with any significant test. So let’s get right to it and take a close look at the GMAT syllabus. You can also find PDF GMAT Syllabus at the end of this article.

GMAT Syllabus, GMAT Exam Pattern PDF
GMAT Syllabus, GMAT Exam Pattern PDF

GMAT Syllabus (VA): Verbal Ability

In this section of testing verbal ability, Candidates have 65 minutes to complete all of the questions in the verbal ability section of the GMAT. Check below parts of the section questions in this test:

  • Comprehension of reading
  • Critical thinking
  • Correction of sentences

GMAT Syllabus Reading Comprehension

This section consists of reading passages (Comprehension) that are approximately three hundred words each, followed by multiple-choice questions that are related to the passages. Making impartial and equitable decisions is crucial. It’s not necessary for you to know a great deal about the subject. Rather, your objective is to comprehend and assimilate the relationships among the different people or organizations that are referenced in the chapters.

Critical Reasoning

In this section( Critical reasoning) the candidate is required to perform an analysis based on the given argument and indicate the most appropriate response. The objective of this is to determine the optimal course of action. Whereas You should know that it is essential to collect relevant information that either supports or challenges the presented argument.

Sentence Correction

As the heading suggest, You will come across sentences in this set of questions that have sections that need to be evaluated and are partially highlighted for correction.  When you make construct sentenced properly, the meaning at the end would be intended for correction along with meaning.  Here you will find various options with a number of responses. You need to make your choice and select the most suitable one. While doing this, focus on your writing as well to avoid any grammar mistakes.

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GMAT Exam Pattern

Candidates must pass the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, in order to continue your future graduate business education. Whereas in this process the computer-adaptive GMAT comprises sections that evaluate analytical, quantitative, writing, and verbal skills in this regards. Whereas test results from this are used to modify the difficulty of the questions in the test as well.

In this section, you will see an additional segment, well object reasoning, assesses an individual’s proficiency in data analysis of the test and knowledge base. Also note that you will be going through the Verbal reasoning assessment as well.  This is all about a person’s ability to comprehend what they read and apply critical thinking. Whereas quantitative reasoning evaluates mathematical abilities of the candidates/students.

As you know that GMAT total score, which ranges from 200 to 800, is crucial for admission to business schools. Schools can use it to know whether a student/candidate is prepared for the requirement of the  graduate-level coursework or not.

The GMAT test is a three-hour to seven-minute online exam. It is divided into the following four major sections:

Exam SectionTotal  QuestionsAvailable Time Limit (minutes.)
Analytical Writing section1 question (1 essay)30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning section12 – questions30 minutes
Quantitative Section31 – questions62 minutes
Verbal section36 – questions65 minutes
Total80 – questions187 minutes

IT is important to know that any prospective applicant to business school should aim for the highest possible GMAT score of 800. GMAT Syllabus and GMAT Exam Pattern, latest GMAT course syllabus.

GMAT Syllabus PDF

You can download GMAT Exam Pattern PDF here.

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