Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee and License Process

Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee and License Process

Are you looking for driving license or having already a driving license and want to renew it. We will show you the latest fee scheduled announced by Islamabad Traffic Police for all Driving licenses. This announcement was made by ITP with increasing the amount of all licenses fee. You would be surprised to know that these sudden changes with fee increase were made public. Whereas in order to drive in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, you requires a driving license in order for people to legally and confidently navigate its busy streets. Latest Islamabad driving license fee.

People still requires license despite its complexity, the procedure is carefully designed to guarantee that drivers are qualified and having good knowledge of traffic laws. This article along with updated Islamabad driving licenses fee also examines the processes required to obtain a driver’s license in Islamabad. Whereas the department of police keep emphasizing the qualifications, the process, and the significance of this important document.

Driving License Fee announcement:

According to Geo news report Administration announced huge increase in driving leaner license and driving renewal licenses. This fee was is implemented immediately as per new fee schedule. Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee.

Driving Fee for 6 Month Permit:

Latest Driving Fee Charges ( Islamabad)
DetailsOld Fee (Rupees)New Fee (Rupees)
Driving License Permit ( 6 Months) 




Non Professional License 




professional license (LTV and HTV) 




digital driving license Card 

2000, 3000 renewal

restoration fees for a suspended license 


Renewal of driving license within a month



Renewal of driving license after a month within a year 


Renewal of driving license after  a year but less than three years 



Renewal of driving license after three year but less than three years 


Duplicate Driving License 


Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee and License Process

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License Process:

Whereas process of getting Islamabad driving license in the capital Islamabad begins with fulfilling some requirements.  You are supposed to have a valid National Identity Card and you must be at least eighteen years old when submitting your application. The important thing is that you should also go through a medical examination in order to be certified fit to drive in the capital or in the country. This initial process emphasizes the vital role that driver must be in physical health along with road safety as well. Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee.

When you complete the basic requirements, you can now go to the next stage, which consists of both theoretical and practical driving skill of the applicant. Whereas written test used to evaluate applicants’ theoretical knowledge about the road signs and awareness about the basic rules of traffic.  It also shows that you comprehend traffic laws, road signs, which are used while driving. This is the basic foundation for developing responsible and informed driving behaviors when you appear in the exam.

The important part is this that Candidates will also go through practical training and evaluation under the supervision of certified driving instructors. You need to clear this test properly without any hassle. If you failed to achieve the task and drive out of the barricades. You wouldn’t be allowed to get the driving license and your application will not be completed. Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee.

Whereas the instructors teach the fundamental abilities and methods required for safe driving. Also from executing intricate traffic situations to grasping basic maneuvers as well.


When you clear the required test passing both the written and practical exams, your will move on to the last stage, which is getting their driver’s license. It’s all about means delivering the necessary paperwork to the appropriate authorities, such as the NIC, a medical fitness certificate, and verification that the written and practical exams were completed successfully for the license.


When you clear the physical driving test, where you can bring you own vehicle as per license application. I other case they will provide you vehicle and you have to drive it within the limits as per process. This shows your ability to drive on the road and when required you can get reverse driving which is the core of action. That is the reason during test you are asked to drive vehicle in reverse gear. If you know and already having enough hand you can pass this exam easily.


In conclusion, You need to go through various step to get driving license and now will pay fee according to the latest schedule as stated above.  There are several steps involved in getting a driving license in Islamabad with the updated fee scheduled. You will be given six week or more to collect you’re driving license. Whereas collection time also depends on type of license you have applied as well. Latest Islamabad Driving License Fee and process.

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