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Class 10-12 exam date announced

Class 10-12 exam date announced

On Saturday decision was made regarding the commencement of exams for the class 10 and class 12 by NCOC. All the students of the both classes have been waiting for the decision from the government amid growing concern. But Federal Minister of Planning  confirmed in meeting regarding the decision.


Class 10-12 exam date announced

Decision was taken after the situation getting better from the ongoing disease, as the lockdown was implemented during holy month of Ramadan and EID festivals.


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As per decision of the ministry educational institute are allowed to take exam from May 31, 2021 keeping the SOPS intact. NCOS also taking important step regarding the vaccinations of teachers throughout the country. This step is taken to safe children’s, students from virus and spreading the disease.

The NCOC, making vaccination mandatory for teachers and other staff of educational institutions, said the inoculation should be completed by June 10, in a bid to curb the spread of the disease during examinations.

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